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Healthy is a Lifestyle


Heal'n Hoop Handmade Water Weighted Hula Hoops provides a fun and efficient way for adults and kids to enjoy a means to exercise anywhere. Hula hooping is a great way to connect generations, genders, and cultures.


Established in June 2014, owner and creator SeKisha D. Brown answered the call for persons seeking less intrusive fitness regimens. Filling the tubing with water adds weight for a more rigorous workout. There are many health benefits to hula hooping - toned abs, massages major organs, stress relief, and more.


With her keen eye for art, design, and style - she began to experiment with decorated tapes, fabrics, and paint to create custom hula hoops for personal use, gyms, boxers, and stylish fitness enthusiasts alike.


Her motto is Fitness IS Fun!

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