Fabric Designed Hoops

Fabric Designed Hoops


Flower Bomb

Handmade in Washington, DC USA, Heal'n Hoop Water Weighted Hula Hoops are a fun and stylish workout tool to add to your daily routine.

Fitness IS Fun!


Special Notes:

*Customer may request more or less water

*Customer may request different color and/or print than product shown


Ordering Tips:

Tube Size: 125 psi - Recommended for adults and kids100lbs and under 

Ordering Size/Diameter: YSmall 20-22in, YMedium 23-26in, YLarge 27-30in


Tube Size: 100 psi - Recommended for adults only over 100lbs  

Ordering Size/Diameter: Small 27-33in, Medium 34-39in, Large 38-42in


  • Made of durable heavy duty psi polyethlene plastic
  • Great way to have fun and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Maximizes weight loss and improves workout results
  • Water contributes to the weight and intensity of the hooping exercise.
  • The large diameters of the hoops help reduce the effort needed to spin the hoop.
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