Fitness Made Pretty

With so many fitness regimens it may be hard for you to choose. Since I'm a girly girl, nothing excites me more than dressing up and sliding into some sky high heels. So I found a way to incorporate them in my workout. It all starts with a 10-minute workout every morning that consists of 100 squats (4-squares style - 25 each way - 50 with heels on and 50 with them off [2 mins], 100 crunches with medicine ball [3 min], 50 arm curls - 25 each arm (pictured are 2lbs weights - I also use up to 20lbs [1 min]), ab wheel [1 min], Heal'n Hoop water weighted hula hoop [2 mins], and plank [1 min]. If it takes longer for you it's perfectly fine. This will get your endorphins and adrenaline pumped to start the day. Don't forget your water. Fitness IS Fun!

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