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Free Your Mind

When you think of self-care it's usually in the realm of physical appearance. Let's face it, who doesn't want every follicle in place, perfectly manicured nails, and pristine garbs adorning their body. While none of that is a bad thing, we often forget to take care of our spiritual beings.

Your spiritual being isn't just about religion - it's everything to do with your heart, mind, and soul.

First thing to do is get still. Get still in your spirit so that you are able to receive. Whether it's God, Allah, Buddha, The Universe, or Energies that you look to as a 'Higher Power,' you're already on the right path by acknowledging that you cannot achieve and receive your blessings alone. You must have faith and believe that the works you put out will manifest farther than you could ever envision.

When life and the world fills my mind with muffled background noise, I go to a place of solace. My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, which is a water-bearer; so naturally I'm drawn to the water. It's where everything seems to make sense. The muffle is replaced by sounds of nature - birds chirping, foliage wavering, water crashing....then suddenly it's all silent as I drown it out to hear my own voice and thoughts.

How do you get to a place of peace when everything around you is in pieces? What tactics help you to get back on track?

Taking care of your spirit is essential to your overall health and life. No matter how you appear outwardly, your behavior will reflect what you're experiencing inwardly.

Here are some ways to align your spirit:



*Read a book of positive quotes & inspirations


*Listen to Jazz or Classical music


*Hot bubble bath


The most calming things come naturally. It's what you enjoy. If you take care of your spirit, your body will take care of you. Free your mind and the best you will follow!

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