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Smell the Flowers

Life has a way of stopping you in your tracks. Whether it's your job, kids, mate, or any other element, the hours seems to be lacking. During these times is when you are put to the test and everyone and everything doesn't make the cut. I've always been a laid back person. I'm not one for a lot of chase and I don't question when seasons are over. I totally understand the process. Every experience is a lesson, and I honestly believe that some things you will never experience if that person was not brought into your life at that time. At a certain point in my life I was very much aware that I needed a change of scenery. But how was I going to do this when anything beyond 2 hours in any mode of transportation had me wanting to throw myself out of the window.

That all changed December 2015. I was completely tapped out from the demands of work and all I had on my mind was the next two weeks that I would have off. I had no plans other than to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. My last day at work finally came and I was ecstatic! Everything was going according to plan and during one of the those peaceful slumbers I had a dream that I was in Miami. In the dream I wasn't doing anything of significance, I was just there relaxing. When I woke up, I told my daughter about the dream and she said, 'Well maybe that's a sign." I gave it more thought and decided to book the trip. Two days later I was taking flight. It was there that I decided to take my life back. I put everything into perspective. No more giving all of me to work and taking the left-overs for myself. It was time to put me first! I wrote down all of the things that I wanted and needed to do so that my life was meaningful and purposeful and at the top of the list was travel. This was my first solo trip that was not work related; all planned and orchestrated by me, for me! There I was, on South Beach redirecting my life. While there I took in the sights, visited the arboretum, art galleries, and of course the beach, took in some shopping and dining. But it was in those very subtle and tranquil places that I found my place of serenity. I promised myself that 2016 would be the year of travel for me. When I returned from Miami I got straight to booking. I did very well in the beginning, New York for New Year's Eve to see the ball drop, News Orleans for my birthday which happened to be Mardi Gras weekend, Puerto Rico for my daughter's 21st birthday and a cruise to Mexico with family and friends to celebrate my cousins' 10th wedding anniversary. Then life happened and I had to put things on hold. This caused me to get creative. I started to engage in social activities at home. I was now taking notice to all of the greatness in my own backyard. I live in Washington DC; and while it's not a 24-hour city, we have our share of food, fun, and flair. I joined groups on social media to keep me in the know. I collaborated with people outside of my everyday circle because one thing for sure, in a town like this - it's all about who you know. Being in these places opened up doors for my business ventures. Attending festivals, workshops, art exhibits, and galas are all ways that I found my cultural excursions without having to take flight.

However, it's walking through the sprinklers at Canal Park, or twirling my Heal'n Hoop on the pier at Anacostia Park overlooking the Potomac River then laying out in the grass reading a book that gave me the greatest joys. The personal and intimate connections that I was manifesting with myself couldn't be purchased. In order to have a true relationship with yourself you must enjoy your own company, in silence. When it's just you and your thoughts - no background noise and nobody to influence you. In these moments you are vulnerable, submissive, transparent, and available to smell the flowers.

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