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Thankful Reflections

As another year comes to a close it gives one time to reflect on the lessons learned, people lost or gained, and events that took place in their lives. Many of us make New Year's Resolutions to become the best versions of ourselves in the upcoming year. We vow to hit the gym, eat healthier, start a business, and just be an overall better person. And I find nothing wrong with it. I see it as an accountability tool.

If you declare the resolution to the masses they will surely hold your feet to the fire. If your goal is to lose weight you will quickly find out who is paying attention to what you post on social media when you decide to upload a picture of sweet treats. That's why I make sure that my cheat days are worth the guilt and thrashings. Take for instance the delectable banana pudding from DF's Cake Lounge, LLC - whom is also responsible for my birthday cake pops that had co-workers stampeding the office looking for more. So ummmm...YEAH!

After announcing to the interwebs that I was starting a 10-day cleanse, I was minding my own business; swiping along on Instagram and a match made in food heaven caught my attention. How could I pass up banana pudding and crab fries from Cheers at the Big Chair - which so happens to be one of my favorite eateries. How Sway?! How?! How?!

You can't, so I didn't! Instead, I made another post of my daughter licking the top to deflect from my own huffing down of glory. I didn't totally bomb out because I went to the gym right after. Shout out to Planet Fitness! I also completed the cleanse and lost 10lbs. :-)

But then there are the bandwagoners (Yup! I made that word up) that jump on because it sounds good. I know you've heard them... 'New Year, New Me' 'Out with the Old, In with the New' - RIIIIGHT! I won't call you out but I SEE YOU!!!

Personally and professionally, 2016 was one of the best years in a long time. Even though life

dealt me a hand that I wasn't quite ready to play; it was all handled with a poker-face. I know that it was God and the Universe aligning to prepare me for the next chapters.

Like a book isn't complete without content, influence, editors, writers, illustrators, and publishers to bound it together, neither are our lives and businesses. So allow me to take you on this journey and introduce you to some AMAZING black, women-owned businesses that were part of shaping the story for 2016 to be a great year for Heal'n Hoop!

Klash Collective

The summer kicked off with my dearest friends and fellow entrepreneurs. We facilitated a two hour mentoring workshop for 200 girls at Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, MD. The focus was on health, wellness, and fitness; with Heal'n Hoop getting everyone pumped up to set and accomplish their health and fitness goals. Adjust Your Crown left them speechless with real life experiences and advice on self-love and self-esteem. We also got down to business with conflict resolution, self-awareness, and social media behaviors that included role play with Kelly Maven Media. The girls were thoroughly engaged and we look forward to returning.

(Pictured L - R: SeKisha/Heal'n Hoop, Jaimee/Adjust Your Crown, Kelly/Kelly Maven Media

Haven in Disguise

I had the honor of participating in a free 8-week course presented by Momma's Safe Haven called Black Wall Street Southeast. During the course we developed business plans, created marketing strategies, gained valuable knowledge on public speaking, and networked with other entrepreneurs by vending and attending events . Momma's Safe Haven is a non-profit organization that serves the Ward 7 and Ward 8 communities in Washington, DC; specifically in youth education, talent development, and entrepreneurship.

(Pictured L - R: SeKisha/Heal'n Hoop, Beverly/Momma's Safe Haven)

Like or Nah

We turned heads with fashions from Handbags U Like for an incredible time gracing the runway at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 46th Annual Legislative Conference fashion show. I was styled in the white ruffled blouse and pants with gold military-style accent buttons that was paired with not one, but TWO statement piece necklaces for extra glam! Check out the beautiful jewelry from both collections - (Top: Lanell's Jewel Box, Bottom: Glitz & Glam Jewelry by LJ) As they say, "Go BIG or go home" so I decided to stay and slay!


When it comes to plus size fashion it's no question that Ashley Stewart is a leader in the industry. I had so much fun twirling with the customers during the Friends and Family Event at Ashley Stewart in the Mall at Prince George's. We discussed healthy eating habits, exercise regimens, and chose outfits for a show stopping date night or a fun day with the girls.

Don't Settle for Normal

It was a long time coming and I finally found someone that could take my vision and bring it to life. The countless dialogue to get things perfect was well spent. Whether presenting at the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo or walking the carpet at the 31st Annual Mayor's Arts Awards; my ensemble was always complete with a custom Heal'n Hoop t-shirt from Not the NorRm. There was no shortage of compliments and conversation about these graphic tees.

The Bombè Effect

None of this would be possible without the love and support of my muse, co-creator, business partner, and brand ambassador - my daughter, Bria. She has been by my side since the very beginning and I can't THANK her enough. If you are looking for an influencer and/or model look no further...Bombè aka She.TheBomb will get the job done!

The goal and purpose of the Heels to the ground...GO! Blog is to provide uplifting information, unite communities, invoke thoughts and dialogue, and to bring awareness for a healthy life inside and out! A HUGE Thank You goes out to these WONDERFUL business women and so many more that are not listed for being part of the growth and expansion of Heal'n Hoop in 2016! I hope that this will lead to a prosperous 2017 and continued partnerships!


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